Take your first shots with a bow and arrow here at our center in Chula Vista, CA! We have what you need to get started in the sport including multiple options for taking lessons.

Are you looking to take your game to the next level? Our archery programs will provide you with the coaching, social community, and challenges you need to level up your skills.

Discover the thrill of competition! Challenge yourself in our unique Challenger League, community tournaments, and even national championships at our center.

Our center is equipped to support elite training. We give athletes the best training environment to achieve their dreams in the sport - from Olympic hopefuls to Olympic veterans.

Play in the challenger league!

Registration for the inaugural season of the Challenger League begins February 28th! Shoot in the Challenger League whether you're a new archer or you've been shooting for your entire life. You won't want to stop playing and increasing your chances at winning fun season prizes.

get started in archery today!

We offer the perfect lesson to get you started with a bow and arrow! You will learn the basics of safety, equipment, and shooting form. This is the perfect sport for the entire family, so come out to our center in Chula Vista, CA and shoot with us!

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